DIY Unicorn Piñata using Petal Paper

Our Petal Paper isn’t just for creating faux flowers. The DCWV designers created this amazing unicorn piñata using our versatile Petal Paper! Want to make your own? Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Step 1: Cut unicorn piñata base from white and black cardstock using an svg file on an electronic die cutting machine OR from a pattern using scissors.

Step 2: Assemble piñata base using a hot glue gun. Set aside ears, horn, and eye pieces for later.

Step 3: Cut multiple 1.25” wide strips of white Petal Paper with the grain running vertically. Stack multiple strips together and secure with a binder clip. Use scissors to cut fringe along one long edge of each strip.

Step 4: Place a strip of adhesive tape across the uncut long edge of each strip.

Step 5: Starting at the bottom of the piñata and working up, wrap and adhere fringe strips to the piñata base. Overlap the fringe slightly so the top uncut edges are covered with fringe. Continue until the entire unicorn base is covered in white fringe.

Step 6: Cut ½” strips of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple petal papers. Adhere centers to a ½” strip of white Petal Paper that is the length of the mane area of the piñata base. Adhere the rainbow mane to the piñata with a strip of adhesive tape.

Step 7: Cut a 1.25” strip of yellow Petal Paper and fringe in the same manner as the white strips previously. Use adhesive tape to adhere to the horn piece, starting at the bottom and working up, overlapping.

Step 8: Add scraps of white fringe to the ear pieces. Cut and add a small piece of pink to each ear.

Step 9: Use hot glue to adhere ears, horn, and eyes to the piñata base.

That’s it! You can make so much more than unicorns! There are some great piñata patterns and svg files available on the internet. Happy crafting!

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