DIY Floral Crown Using Petal Paper

We love Petal Paper around here, so we decided to post another Petal Paper tutorial. Floral crowns are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, photo shoots, and so much more! Let’s get started.

Materials Needed:

1. Prepare your Materials

Cut out petals for the roses. Cut 3 small and 10 medium petals for each rose. Cut 3 small petals for each rose bud. Next, cut 3 leaf shapes. For reference, our crown uses 24 leaf stems, 12 roses, and 9 rose buds. Last, cut wire into 6-8″ lengths.

2. Make the roses and rose buds.

Roll the center petal and glue to hold. Glue small petals around the center. Glue medium size petals to the flower center.

Pull back slightly on the top of each petal to make it look like the rose is opening up. Glue the flowers onto wire as you go.

3. Make the leaf stems

Glue leaves onto the wire. Starting at the base of the leaves, wrap the stem with floral tape.

Using floral tape, wrap one rose and a leaf stem together, wrapping the tape all the way to the bottom.  Do the same with a rose bud and leaf stem. Add the two together by wrapping floral tape around both stems and securing them together to the bottom with the tape.

Continue adding in the stems until you reach the desired length. Secure the ends together with floral wire and then cover with floral tape.

We hope this project inspired you to create something today! Happy crafting!

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